Tyler Texas Baseball Links

University Level Baseball

UT Tyler Baseball : For all you Patriots fans out there, this site will give you the latest info on our beloved team.

Patriots Game Schedule : The official playoff page of the patriots.

High School & Junior College

Tyler Junior College Baseball : Home of the Apaches, this page is for those dedicated to the Tyler College junior baseball league.

Tyler High School Baseball: The Lions are some of the fiercest players out there, and this is the best page to keep up with their games.


UT Tyler Patriots Softball: The University of Texas is also home to one of the best softball teams in the nation, and this is their homepage.

UT Tyler Patriots Softball Schedule : Never miss out on a softball game with this link.

Little League

Texas Little League Tournament Information : Little league is where the love of the game gets started, and this is the best way to keep in touch with Tyler’s Little League Games.

Rose Capital East Little League: The source for team news, meets and practices for Tyler’s official Little League team.


Do you have a favorite Tyler team that you’d like to have mentioned on this page? Email me, Ty, and I’d be happy to consider including it.