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Anyone who lives in Tyler, Texas knows that baseball and softball is a huge part of our community. Kids here start playing baseball at a young age. Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges all have teams. People encourage their kids who go to The University of Texas branch here to try out for the team, and college-goers attend as many home games as possible. We are proud of our Patriots, and we are also proud of the sport that brings us all together. That is why Fast Pitch provides all the news, team info, and tournament dates that there is available in our home town.


Tournaments are some of the most important dates to know when it comes to our local teams. Their playing is determined by how hard their fans support them, so they count on us to be there for them. Among the tournament information that we offer is:

    • Patriots Tournament Information (For both baseball and softball teams)


  • Apache Tournament Information (For both baseball and softball teams)
  • Lions Tournament Information
  • Bulldogs Tournament Information
  • Raiders Tournament Information
  • Little League Tournament Information
    Local Adult Team Tournaments

Because this information changes often, be sure to check back to our page for any updates!

Team News

Not all baseball and softball news is tournament related! We believe in supporting our teams wholeheartedly and in every endeavor they go through. Team statistics, players, and mascots are updated as the teams change. When college players make it to big leagues — we report on that. Similarly, when one of our young ball players makes it into college (whether that is for baseball or not) we report on that. Similarly, we let folks know about what teams are doing outside of baseball season. Whether it’s a barbecue to raise money for new uniforms or some form of team community service, we are proud of our baseball players.


We want everyone in the community to be included in the town’s great sport, so we always let you know when there is a team tryout. Whether it’s tryouts for the young or tryouts for the old, we let you know when they are happening. Additionally, we keep you updated on what the teams are like. Don’t feel discouraged if you’ve never picked up a bat or a glove in your life– we want to get you in for a tryout and part of our growing community.


A player is only as good as the bats and gloves he uses, so another thing Fast Pitch does is provide quality reviews of equipment we think will help you hit that home run. If we can find a local business to promote, we always will!

Do you have something you think we should write about? Would you like to contribute? Let us know. Looking forward to hearing from you!